Model railroading done on a budget.Based on LIRR & NYRR. 1950

Live Steam in Tavares, Florida on the Cannonball Express.


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My self at the Age of 3 years old. A passion begins and a hobby is born. The bite of the train bug is in my blood.

I will carry on a family tradition from my dad and our family to pass on down to my family to keep the railroad alive.


This box car has traveled across the usa for a year from one layout to another it was pure white when it left . It was on for the interchange model . Its been featured on 12 layouts across america. Now its sits at the blue Springs model railroad club in Orange City florida.

A scene on lazerrailways , still have to add water but this is my start point " Ian gone fishing " most of the scenes on this layout has a story and revolves around real life but converted into 1955 era.



Lazerrailways updates

May -2016

All new bench work done !

Top panels cut and ready !

DCC wiring installed !

Lots of new photos !

New layout Design Plans Done !

Ready to prep the surface !

Laying Track !

Setting buildings !



Lazerrailways is coming to life.

Plan #11 Rev 3 plan is complete.

May 2016

H.O Scale Fall season of Oct 1955-ish.

Welcome to My World of Model Railroading in 2016


Rocky Point Long Island NY Wading River RR 1900s

<from Dave Keller's site>

Most of my RR gear is of the NYRR. Since I grew up on Long Island there is a lot of RR history from when I was a kid. Finding RR tracks from the Wading river RR that was ripped out in the 50s but there was a few tracks left behind. In downtown Rocky Point were I grew up as a teen we found a 30 foot span of track with trees growing thought the track, the old station in downtown RP is still there as the Tumber lumber store now and has been moved. This photo Of the Rocky Point station from Trainsarefun is a full history of the LIRR and the fallen RR of the Wading River line. You can fine all the info and photos of the LIRR at Dave and Steve's web site. They worked on the line in there day and are now history guru's of the LIRR today.


New product from MRC great for all your DC engines.

A Unique Radio Control Lighting System That Works with All Model Railroads and other hobby products

Operate Your DC Locos with Radio Control. Enjoy sound at the Same Time

Brings the Advantages of Radio Control Operation to Rail Switches and Other Motorized Accessories

MRC just came out with a new system, you can run DC and DCC at the same time on the same track. no more blocking and is a walk around remote to control your DC engine while using your DCC controller.


Updated daily of construction and layout.

Lazerrailways Co. and trains and trollys

live updates on




In Loving Memory of

thumbnail image A web site dedicated to the life of my dad and mom and the era they grew up in. Also the cars my dad has had over the years in his life time and the music of the 50s. Plus he will supply the music sound track for the radio station on the layout.

Online train club from around the world. We are over 7200 members and growing stop in and see us. A great place to get info on real trains and all scales of model railroading from all over the world. Get up to date info and answers to a ? with in minutes from the train Guru's. Info and photos of our club members posted here. Post your model railroad photos to share with club members , they can help you with any problem you my be having or you can give your input of ideas to help someone..... ALL ABOARD """


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