Welcome to the Blue Springs Model Railroad Club

Welcome to the Blue springs Model Railroad Club.

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The blue springs RR info:

Layout is 50 feet long and 27 feet wide.

H.O Scale , DCC and DC / powered by MRC / walk around units

Based in Orange City, Florida.

With a Full hobby shop open to the public and great prices.

This is our stagging yard. Its still in the building phase and we are changing out some of the older switches and up grading to the colbat DCC switch machines.


We host and open house during the Holidays every weekend til Dec 22nd. Its free to the public.


This is my zone, I started here when I joined the club last year. There was nothing but the gas station when I started putting the houses in. All the new buildings light up a long with the motel , Gas and oil refine depot in back.


This is our stagging for the passenger line on the far end of the layout behide the town.
The power plant is based from the owner of blue springs RR club as he is retied from the power company.


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