Model railroading done on a budget. Daves N-Scale layout.


Welcome to the My Family of model railroading.

Dave's RR system. N-scale

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Dave's layout in N-scale the begining. built on a door. stats and info coming soon .


The planning stage and track layout.

Daves wiring for the layout so nice and neat.


This is Dave's 2nd layout on the back of a door.


We both agree that the foam in a can has been a great way to build hills, and overpasses as you can see here.

The foam is very easy to work with. If you take to much off you can add it back.


Stats and info coming soon:

Another view of shaping the foam. Great stuff in a can goes a long way and easy to mold.


More photos to come !!

Upper Level getting the foam treatment now and when its dry in 24 hours dave can shape it. It can be covered with plaster to smooth and make it level for a building.

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